Lifeline in Action – Louisiana Woman Regains Her Smile With DLN Volunteer!

Dr. Frank Martello believes that the most important part of his practice is providing quality of care for his patients. To support this dedication he stays up-to-date on the latest technology and the best ways to help the people he serves. As a volunteer for Louisiana’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, he donates his time and talents to people in need, like Myra.

Myra is a 52-year-old who lives in the Jefferson Parish with her two daughters. In the past, she has faced many health challenges including severe preeclampsia that left her with nerve damage making it difficult for her to get around and is now permanently disabled. Myra also needed help to address her dental needs but could not afford the treatment. Fortunately, Myra was referred to the DDS program, where she was matched with Dr. Martello.

During her initial exam, Dr. Martello found that Myra was missing several teeth and had others that were abscessed. He placed several crowns and fitted her for dentures, which were generously donated by Selser Dental Lab. Myra was very grateful for the help.

“Thank you to Dr. Martello and staff for the wonderful service I received while in their care. Dr. Martello is a compassionate, caring, and kindhearted doctor that I greatly appreciate. Thank you all that I’m finally able to smile.” – Myra, DDS Patient

Dr. Martello’s commitment to helping people like Myra is what makes the work of DLN possible. He began volunteering for DLN in 1987, and shortly thereafter helped create the Dental Lifeline Network • Louisiana Board of Directors, where he served in many capacities, and currently serves as Past-President. Since he began, he has provided almost $200,000 in donated treatment to 30 DDS patients. We sincerely appreciate Dr. Martello’s dedication to dentistry, DLN and helping people like Myra.

“Dentistry gives us, as practitioners, the skills to diagnose, relieve pain, and restore form and function. DLN/DDS links us in the most efficient way to patients who urgently need those skills. It is so good to be able to practice dentistry in its purest form — as a way to use your gifts to help others. The DLN/DDS patients I’ve seen over four decades have been great, and so grateful for the help.” – Dr. Frank Martello, DDS Volunteer and DLN • LA Board of Directors past president.

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