Patient Success Story: Generous Volunteers Restore Illinois Veteran’s Dental Health

Roger is a 52-year-old veteran living in Herrin, Illinois. He served in the Navy as a paralegal in Japan for seven years, and then returned home to raise his son and work. He has a series of health issues including heart trouble, mobility issues and Meniere disease, an ear disorder which causes dizzy spells. As a result, he is no longer able to work, and lives off of a small fixed income. Additionally, Roger’s dental health had deteriorated significantly. He was missing many teeth, and lots of his remaining teeth had decayed or rotted. Without the ability to pay for his dental treatment, it seemed Roger had nowhere to turn.

Fortunately, he was referred to the Will You See One Vet (WYSOV) program where he was matched with generous volunteers that restored his dental health.

  • Dr. Billy Laun of OMS Carbondale treated Roger and extracted six of his teeth so that he could get fitted for dentures.
  • A generous volunteer dentist provided a comprehensive exam, several x-rays, then fitted and adjusted the donated partial upper denture for Roger.
  • Herrin Dental Lab fabricated the appliances at a discount.

“Collectively, veterans fought to allow us freedom. With that freedom, I was able to study my passion (oral and maxillofacial surgery), so giving back through my passion to those how fought for each and every one of us is simply an honor.” –Dr. Billy Laun, DDS Volunteer Oral Surgeon

The WYSOV program allows veterans like Roger to get the dental help they so desperately need. Many veterans do not receive dental benefits through the VA, and Dental Lifeline Network seeks to help bridge that gap. Generous volunteer dentists and labs are essential to the WYSOV program. DLN thanks all who have answered the call to serve those who have served our country. For more information, visit

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