Strategic Plan Update

National Board members, Nick Vinke, Bob Savage, and Dr. Frank Maggio pictured with DLN’s VP of Affiliate & Government Relations, Hollie Stevenson

Our National Board of Directors met in Denver at the end of June, accompanied by the Executive Director of the American Dental Association, Dr. Ray Cohlmia. During this meeting, the National Board and Dr. Cohlmia discussed ways to strengthen our long strategic partnership with the ADA. 

Amongst the agenda topics was an update on the implementation of the Strategic Plan. We are excited to share some of the highlights achieved so far: 

  1. Director of Partner Relations: We are thrilled to announce that we have hired a Director of Partner Relations, Katie Wienecke. This is a newly established role that will be working closely with our DSO partners. 
  2. Dentist Volunteerism Research: DLN is currently conducting research into new dentist’s volunteerism goals. The second phase of this project will be to build out an awareness campaign to help connect these new dentists with the important work of DLN. 
  3. Expanded Marketing Team: In an effort to expand the DLN brand and extend our national reach, we have promoted Erica Martin to the newly created role of Marketing Manager. Additionally, we have welcomed Meg Stroh as the new Marketing Coordinator. 
  4. Internal Systems Audit: We have successfully completed an audit of our internal systems and are beginning to implement the suggested efficiency recommendations. 
  5. Enhanced Cybersecurity: DLN is actively increasing the performance of our cybersecurity. 
  6. Increasing Unrestricted Donations: These funds will enable us to effectively mobilize volunteer dentists and labs, increasing our ability to provide comprehensive dental care to individuals across the country. 

We will continue to provide updates as we work to accomplish our strategic plan and advance our mission to change the lives of America’s most vulnerable adults.

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