Strategic Forecasting Update

Members of the DLN National Board, Executive Staff, and Association Options consulting firm met to set the 3-year strategic direction for the organization.

Happy New Year! Recently, we wrapped up Dental Lifeline Network’s strategic forecasting process that has been ongoing for the past year. This process has been informative and productive for our National Board and staff and we are excited to share the highlights and next steps. 

The process began in March of 2022 with the help of the consulting firm, Association Options. The firm conducted an environmental scan, surveys with key constituency groups, including many focus groups and 1:1 interviews. After reviewing the output of this research, the National board convened with senior staff in November 2022 to set the 3-year strategic direction for the organization. 

Three goals were identified and we worked to develop high priority strategies within the goal areas. Additionally, a vision statement and new mission statement were developed and adopted. 

Here are some highlights: 

NEW DLN Vision Statement: All vulnerable adults have access to life changing oral health care.

NEW DLN Mission Statement: We change the lives of America’s most vulnerable adults through our coordinated system of care. 

For reference – old mission statement: to improve the oral health of people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile and have no other way to get help. 

Goals and Strategies

Goal 1: EXPAND – Focus on community-building and partnership development to recruit volunteers and increase awareness about Dental Lifeline Network and its mission. Expand our volunteer network by reversing downward trends through deeper engagement with Dental Service Organizations, dental schools, associations, and other sector partners. 

Goal 2: STRENGTHEN – Evaluate the internal infrastructure and develop process improvements to ensure operational effectiveness. This includes assessing the governance, technology, staffing, fiscal and operational resource models to ensure we can deliver on the DLN mission. 

Goal 3: BUILD – Grow and leverage resources to enable more care across DLN’s service populations.

We appreciate the participation of all who took the time to participate in this process. Receiving input from our participants during this process has been invaluable. Over the next few months, our materials will be updated with the new vision and mission statements and we will be developing the operation plan to execute the goals. 

Thank you to all of our supporters and volunteers who have helped DLN serve those in need.

Best Regards,  

Lynda Ricketson


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