Volunteer Appreciation: Patterson recognizes top Colorado DDS Volunteers

Left to right: Elliott Carson, General Manager of Patterson Dental, Denver Branch and Dr. Gregory Bevans, DDS Top Volunteer

Dental Lifeline Network and Patterson Dental recently partnered to recognize several Colorado dentists’ contributions to their community. These dentists have been volunteering for years, helping some of the state’s most vulnerable people suffering from seriously neglected dental diseases. In honor of their altruism, they were presented with an award for their office and a copy of the 2020 DentaCheques discount program.

Dentists recognized:
Dr. Alan Reisman
Dr. Andrew Johann
Dr. Andrew P. Howard
Dr. B. Todd Pickle
Dr. Gregory Bevans
Dr. Edward J. Lacy
Dr. Eric W. Van Zytveld
Dr. H. Scott Stewart
Dr. James I. Armbruster
Dr. Joseph D. Mazzola
Dr. Julie M. Gillis
Dr. Keith I. Messersmith
Dr. Phillip Harwood
Dr. Richard J. Wallace
Dr. Stuart R. Winter
Dr. Timothy F. Stacey

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