Volunteer Spotlight: Columbus Dental Lab

Volunteer labs play an important role in helping patients receive proper dental care through our programs. We would like to thank all the labs and technicians that contribute to our programs like Columbus Dental Lab. Over their 24 years as a Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteer, this generous lab has donated $50,908 in services to the program and helped to change the lives of many people in need. 

“Since we started our lab, our business has been blessed with more than they deserve and we want to pass this blessing onto others,” said Eric Ogden, CEO of Columbus Dental Lab.

DDS patient, Hollie, pictured with DDS volunteer dentist, Dr. Jason Etherton

Recently, Columbus Dental Lab was able to help a patient named Hollie. Although she typically lives a simple and quiet life, Hollie faced many health challenges including declining oral health. Columbus Dental Lab was able to work with  DDS volunteer dentist, Dr. Jason Etherton, to make sure that he had all of the materials necessary to restore her oral health. Dr. Etherton extracted several teeth and restored others to successfully bring back Hollie’s dental health and her smile. 

“I can smile without covering my mouth. This brought back my confidence, I am more than happy,” said Hollie. 

Dental Lifeline Network thanks Columbus Dental Lab for their continued commitment to serving those in need! Without the support of volunteers like them, many patients like Hollie would be left unable to receive life-changing dental care. 

About Columbus Dental Lab: 

Columbus Dental Lab is a family-owned business located in Columbus, GA that was established more than 30 years ago. They are a full-service dental laboratory that strives to provide great customer service and unmatched turnaround time. Their goal is to make every patient smile and feel confident and to also make the dentists that they work with happy. For more information, visit: http://columbusdentallab.com/.

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