Volunteer Spotlight: Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc.

Dr. Michael Pelke (Woodbury), DDS volunteer, alongside Lori and Sandy of Renstrom Dental Studio, with Michael, one of their DDS patients.

Volunteer laboratories play an important role in helping patients receive proper dental care through our programs. We would like to thank all of the labs and technicians that contribute to our programs like Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc. Over the course of their 19 years as a DDS volunteer, this generous lab has donated $78,197.48 in services to the program and has helped to change many lives one smile at a time. 

“We all want to help those we can, and [DDS] gives us a way to utilize our skills and resources without taking time out of our busy schedules to figure out how we can help,” said Randi of Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc. “Plus, it gives us another opportunity to work with new offices. It truly is a win-win for everyone!”

Recently, Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc. was able to help a 78-year-old patient named Michael. Since retiring from his career as a teacher, Michael had experienced many challenges, including declining dental health. Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc. was able to help by providing Michael’s volunteer dentist with the materials needed to restore his dental health. 

Dental Lifeline Network thanks Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc. for their continued commitment to serving those in need! Without the support of volunteers like them, many patients like Michael would be left unable to receive life-changing dental care. 

About Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc. 

Established in 1966, Renstrom Dental Studio is a full-service dental lab in Vadnais Heights, MN. They pride themselves in providing an exceptional customer service experience, while meticulously executing their dental client’s specific preferences with every case that they handcraft in house. For more information, visit www.renstrom.com

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