Why Donate

Why Dental Lifeline Network?

  • Unlike many dental charities, Dental Lifeline Network provides comprehensive treatment that fully restores health, hope and dignity.
  • Our volunteers provide care for those who truly have no where else to turn to get the extensive dental treatment they urgently need.
  • Because services are provided directly in the offices of our volunteers, the DDS program is efficient and cost-effective, making the value of your donation go further. In fact, for each $1 given to Dental Lifeline Network, $8.87 is provided in life-transforming dental care!

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I could never thank you enough for what you did for me. DDS took away the pain and anxiety I had with my teeth. I am the luckiest man on earth. You gave me more time with my family and life.

-Tom, DDS Patient

DDS patient Tom’s dental care was a medical priority after aggressive arsenic treatment to fight his leukemia resulted in devastating deterioration of his teeth. Judy, Tom’s wife of 23 years, has speech, swallowing and visual impairment and also is a DDS patient. Unable to work due to their disabilities, the couple volunteers at their church and soup kitchens. Tom continues treatment for his leukemia.