Group Dentistry

“It’s beyond the ownership, beyond the mentorship, and the education because how are you giving back to the community? DLN is a way I could give back and I’d love to make more emerging groups aware of what we do and how to get involved.”

– Bill Neumann

CEO, Group Dentistry Now | Board of Directors, Dental Lifeline Network

How to Get Involved

If your dental support organization or group practice is interested in providing charitable care to those in need – we want your help. From clearing up painful dental infections and helping others eat again – volunteering with Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program will make a life-changing difference. 

The Benefits

  • Community based volunteer program
  • Higher employee satisfaction 
  • We administer the program & screen applicants
  • Fosters teamwork
  • Makes it easy to give back!


Signing up is easy! Click the button below to fill out the form. 

Group Practice

  • Dentists can see one patient a year at any time through our DDS program
  • Month of service programs
  • Office fundraising opportunities such as our Lifeline Heroes Challenge program


“When asked what my colleagues and I are doing to help our communities, my first answer is Dental Lifeline Network. That goes a long way. We have an obligation to serve the public, to give back. DLN gives and opportunity for self-satisfaction, taking care of the patients, and good PR. If someone works for a dental support organization and they are supporting it, why would you not do it?”

– Dr. Mark Vitale
DDS Volunteer | Edison Dentists, Dental 365

Start the Conversation

Contact Hollie Stevenson, JD

Vice President Affiliate & Government Relations


Dental Lifeline Network
1800 15th Street, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303.534.5360
Fax: 303.534.5290

Apart from the free survey software, we also have access to QuestionPro’s free survey templates . We’ve found many of them useful and powerful to collect insights from various stakeholders of our organization.

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