Donated Dental Services (DDS)


• DDS volunteers provide comprehensive treatment to eligible patients
• Volunteers do not provide emergency services


Applicants must lack adequate income to pay for dental care and:

• Have a permanent disability, or
• Are elderly: age 65 or older, or
• Qualify as medically fragile

Due to lengthy wait lists, applications are not being accepting at this time.

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Greater Indianapolis Area: Click here to download and print an application

Outside Greater Indianapolis Area: Click here to download and print an application


Greater Indianapolis Area
Janelle Kramer, DDS Coordinator
317.634.2612 (fax)

Dental Lifeline Network • Indianapolis
PO Box 872
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0872

Outside Greater Indianapolis Area
Adrienne Walker-Bell, DDS Coordinator
317.873.2489 (fax)

Dental Lifeline Network • Indiana
6110 N. Technology Center Dr.
Ste 100
Indianapolis, IN 46278

All applications must be submitted through the DDS Coordinator

Donated Dental Services (DDS)


Volunteer Dentists in Indiana


Volunteer Laboratories in Indiana


in Donated Treatment to Patients in Indiana


Patients treated in Indiana since 1991

Volunteers Needed

Please volunteer! We need general dentists, specialists and labs willing to donate their skills and time, and the funding to make more treatment possible. More Information

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Board of Directors

  • William Hine Jr., DDS
  • Thad Miller
    Vice President
  • Marisa A. Walker, DDS, MSD
  • Diane Spaulding
  • Steven M. Green, DDS
    Immediate Past President
  • Leila A. Alter, DDS
  • Nathan Courtney
  • Pat Crowley
  • Lawrence I. Goldblatt, DDS, MSD
  • Charles Hine, DDS, MSD
  • Michael Kamp
  • Kameron McQuay
  • Edward Popcheff
  • John C. Pritchett, DDS
  • Susan E. Snyder, DDS
  • George H. Vail, DDS, MSD
  • Karen Yoder, PhD, MSD

My new dentures fit so well. Now I can eat apples, fresh vegetables and just about anything. Dr. Phelps and his staff are so patient, kind and giving. I just fell in love with them.

–Brenda, an Indiana DDS patient, (second from left) with (left to right) Dr. John Phelps, Markita Carter, and Kirk Berkhardt