Lifeline in Action: Dr. Marty Nager Going Above and Beyond For Over 30 Years

Since starting his periodontal career 1987, Dr. Marty Nager has established himself as a loyal professional with a dedication to improving his community on both a national and local level. He has worked as an assistant clinical professor, a clinical instructor, and has been significantly involved with numerous dental boards and associations. Additionally, Dr. Nager serves on the DLN • National Board of Directors, and is currently the President of the DLN • Rhode Island Board of Directors. He also shares his time and talents with people in severe dental need by serving as a volunteer for DLN’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. As a DDS volunteer, Dr. Nager has changed and saved the lives of more than 60 people, one of whom was John.

John is a 60-year-old man who is diabetic. His overall health was poor due to his diabetes, and in addition, his dental health was causing him further health problems. Fortunately, John was referred to the DDS program where he matched with Dr. Nager and Dr. Brendan Gouin.

Dr. Gouin determined that John had many infected root tips that needed to be extracted. Dr. Nager extracted those teeth, and John was fitted for full upper and lower dentures, which were generously donated by Westerly Dental Lab. John was very grateful for his volunteers’ help.

“I have been sick for over three years,” John said. “I’ve never felt so good and have no pain now.”

Dr. Nager has donated over $95,000 in dental treatment since joining as a DDS volunteer in 1989. His constant willingness to help more patients has been a significant contribution to the Rhode Island DDS program over the years, and to DLN as a whole. We thank Dr. Nager for his dedication and compassion to helping those in need like John.

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