Lifeline in Action: Dr. Paul F. Calitri Brings Smiles to Rhode Islanders

For over twenty years, Dr. Paul F. Calitri has been advancing the dental profession and bringing high quality dentistry to his Rhode Island community. He completes more than 30 hours of continuing education per year, and is often nominated as one of Rhode Island Monthly‘s top dentists by his peers. In addition, Dr. Calitri continues his education as a Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteer. Through the DDS program, he helps low-income individuals in serious dental need, like Chris.

Chris suffers from chronic cardiovascular disease and had to leave his job as a longshoreman after having multiple heart attacks. Additionally, his oral health was in poor condition, and his doctor was worried that this would pose a risk to his heart’s health. Despite his need, Chris lives on a small fixed income and was not able to afford dental treatment.

Fortunately, Chris was referred to the DDS program where he matched with Dr. Calitri. After conducting an initial exam, Dr. Calitri determined that Chris had no remaining upper teeth, seven unhealthy lower teeth, and abscesses throughout his mouth. Oral Surgeon Dr. David Fiaschetti removed Chris’s unhealthy teeth and performed an alveoplasty, then Dr. Calitri donated a set of full upper and lower partial dentures, which Dickerman Dental Prosthetics generously fabricated at no cost. Chris was very grateful for all the help he received.

Dr. Calitri takes pride in his contributions to his community, and he continues to go above and beyond in his field in many ways. In addition to being a DDS volunteer, he also sits on our DLN • Rhode Island Board of Directors as Secretary/Treasurer. Dr. Calitri enjoys knowing he’s making a difference for those in need through DDS.

DDS has been a rewarding experience for my staff as well as myself,” Dr. Calitri said. “We’ve been a provider for about 15 years now and have met some wonderful people. Patients that I have seen have been extremely appreciative of the services that they have received from our office.”

Thanks to generous volunteers like Dr. Calitri, Rhode Island dentists have donated over $6 million in dental care to those in need since the DDS program’s inception in 1989!

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