Lifeline in Action: Missouri’s Dr. Massie Gives Back Through Dentistry

Dr. Ronald E. Massie, DDS, MAGD, has been providing dentistry to the Missouri community for over 25 years. He is constantly learning more about his field, collecting over 100 hours of continuing education credits each year. Additionally, Dr. Massie has held multiple leadership roles in organizations throughout his community, and he and his wife have conducted mission work around the world. His dedication to giving back is very apparent through his numerous acts of service. Dr. Massie has also been serving his community as a Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteer since 2006.

Since becoming a DDS volunteer, Dr. Massie has donated nearly $70,000 in dental services. He has helped change and save the lives of numerous Missourians, including Dora, an elderly woman who was in desperate need of dental help after her house burned down 9 years ago and she lost everything. She was not able to afford dental treatment and felt she had nowhere to turn. Fortunately, Dora was referred to the DDS program where she matched with Dr. Massie. He discovered that Dora had started to lose teeth as a result of the stress of her situation, and was in a lot of pain. Dr. Massie fit Dora for partial upper and lower dentures, and placed multiple crowns, which were generously donated by Edmonds Dental Prosthetics. Dora’s smile was restored and she was very grateful for the help.

In addition to taking care of her dental health, Dr. Massie’s staff worked diligently to get in contact with Dora after learning that the town she lived in suffered a tornado. They wanted to make sure that she hadn’t had to deal with the loss of yet another home. One of Dr. Massie’s staff members even went to Dora’s house to check on her. While her home suffered a small amount of damage, Dora and her neighbors were safe. “That’s the kind of staff [Dr. Massie] has!” Dora said. “Wow- just wow! I’m forever thankful.” 

Dr. Massie’s dedication to helping his community goes far beyond the dental office. His willingness to go above and beyond for his patients is truly inspiring, and we are thrilled to have someone like him as part of the DDS program.

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