Lifeline Heroes Challenge – Vets

What is Lifeline Heroes Challenge?

Lifeline Heroes Challenge is an initiative to raise $500,000 to help 1,100 veterans receive donated comprehensive dental treatment. The Challenge has already gotten off to a great start by a generous gift of $34,000 donated by ADA-member dentists in memory of Dr. Loren Feldner.

Many people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile cannot afford dental care. Sadly, many of these are military veterans who once served our country, but now don’t have access to dental treatment. The Veterans Administration only provides dental treatment to a small fraction of veterans, leaving many without the care they need.

For more than 40 years, Dental Lifeline Network has been a national leader in helping people access the dental care they cannot afford. With this long history of service, we now seek to change the lives of our nation’s veterans with the Lifeline Heroes Challenge.

Dental supply and manufacturer companies
will donate to Dental Lifeline Network during the Lifeline Heroes Challenge. Will you? 

Millions of Americans are unable to smile, work or live full lives due to significant dental concerns. DLN provides the care they need.

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2020 Participating Companies

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