New Hampshire

Donated Dental Services (DDS) in New Hampshire

Information for applicants

Applicants must meet ONE of the following criteria. 

  • Over 65 years of age
  • Permanently disabled
  • Need medically necessary dental treatment

AND have no other means to afford or receive dental care.

What to expect?

  • DDS volunteers provide comprehensive treatment to eligible patients
  • Volunteers do not provide emergency services
  • Volunteers do not provide cosmetic treatment

Due to lengthy waitlists, all counties are CLOSED to new applications.

Applicants see if you qualify!​

New Hampshire Program Contact

Kathleen Donovan, DDS Coordinator

303.534.5290 (fax)

Dental Lifeline Network • New Hampshire

PO Box 154
Merrimack, NH 03054

All applications must be submitted through the DDS Coordinator.

About the New Hampshire DDS Program


Volunteer Dentists in New Hampshire


Volunteer Laboratories in New Hampshire


in Donated Treatment to Patients in New Hampshire


Patients treated in New Hampshire since 2002

New Hampshire Donated Dental Services (DDS) State Annual Report

Leadership Council

Jim Williamson


Shannon Arndt, DMD

Michael Auerbach

David Bogacz, DMD

Mitch Couret, DDS

Donna Kalil, DMD

Alex McCulloch, DDS

Richard Rosato, DDS

Cory Spencer


“My teeth were in terrible shape and I’m dental phobic on top of everything else. Dr. Senat made the whole experience fun for someone who has found every excuse not to go to the dentist. The whole experience there, from the minute you walk in, is just great. ”

– Tom (right), a New Hampshire DDS patient

Will You See One? Volunteer Today!

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