DentaCheques supported by Dental Trade Alliance in 2016

DentaCheques supported by Dental Trade Alliance in 2016

“DentaCheques is a dental products value book produced by Dental Lifeline Network through an extensive partnership with dental manufacturing and supply companies. Dentists who purchase DentaCheques receive significant savings on products they routinely buy or would like to try. More importantly, proceeds from DentaCheques sales help fund comprehensive dental care for vulnerable people who desperately need treatment, but cannot affordi t and have no other way to receive life-sustaining care. The Dental Trade Alliance is proud to help dentists save on their purchases while supporting this worthy cause. On behalf of the DTA, the DTA Foundation and friends of the DTA, thank you for your purchase of DentaCheques 2016.”

Gary W. Price
Chief Executive Officer
Dental Trade Alliance

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