$150,000 Next Fifty Initiative Grant Supports Dental Lifeline Network

Dental Lifeline Network’s DDS program has received a grant for $150,000 from NextFifty Initiative, a Colorado-based foundation that supports efforts to improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers. This funding will allow DLN to continue its effort to provide adults 50 and older with comprehensive dental treatment in multiple states across the country.

“We’re committed to meeting the unique and varied needs of older adults, so we are excited to use these funds to continue providing those age 50 and older with the lifechanging dental care they need,” said Lynda Ricketson, President and CEO of Dental Lifeline Network. “This investment from NextFifty Initiative will support the coordination of volunteer dentists and labs across the country, and will help 350 people receive an estimated $1.2 million in donated treatment.”

Dental Lifeline Network’s DDS program has provided over $520 million in donated services to over 166,000 patients since the DDS program began in 1985. For over 35 years, DLN has partnered with volunteer dentists, laboratories, and strategic corporate partners across the country and connected people with special needs to comprehensive dentistry.

“We believe that older adults are a critical part of our communities and that providing opportunities for all people to remain active and engaged as they grow older is important,” said Chandra Matthews, director of programs at NextFifty Initiative. “We’re grateful for the work that Dental Lifeline Network is doing to improve the quality of life for people aged 50 and older, and are proud to support this and other efforts to help people age with dignity and purpose.”

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