New Jersey Veteran and Retired Police Officer Gets Help After a Career of Service

The NJ DDS program helps patients like Garrett, a 67-year-old Army veteran who served in Korea and Vietnam. Following his time in the military, Garrett continued his commitment to service, working as a police officer for over 20 years before his retirement. Garrett now has several health challenges, including hypertension and back problems, among other issues, which he manages with the help of his daughter who lives with him and helps with daily tasks. Garrett’s dental health, however, presented another challenge. Despite having dentures, the top denture was very worn, and he could no longer wear the lower partial denture due to decaying teeth in the lower arch. Garrett, however, was unable to afford dental treatment. Living on a fixed Social Security income, he struggles to make ends meet, and the care he needed seemed out of reach.

This all changed when Dr. Thomas Sniscak, a dentist and DDS volunteer since 2018, stepped in to help. Dr. Sniscak conducted three extractions, and two scaling and root planing procedures. Dr. Sniscak also installed a partial denture for Garrett, generously donated by a volunteer dental lab. Thanks to these volunteers, Garrett was able to receive the help he needed after a life spent in service to his community and country.

Speaking on his experience volunteering through DDS, Dr. Sniscak stated: “It renews that feeling of why we chose healthcare in the first place, especially with all of the day-to-day struggles running a small business.”

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