DLN Success Story – Vermont Veteran’s Smile is Restored

The VT DDS program helps patients like Randall, 61, who lives by himself in Washington County. Randall struggles with several health

challenges, including coronary artery disease and digestive issues. These issues were exacerbated by a history of poor dental health, with the most recent development occurring in 2018 when Randall’s remaining teeth were all removed. Following this, Randall was unable to chew.

Struggling to eat, Randall was restricted to what could be made in a food processer. This contributed to his digestive issues, leading to bloating and indigestion. A veteran, Randall is very proud of his service, but was left with nowhere to turn for help. Living on a meager Social Security Disability benefit, Randall struggled to make ends meet, and the life-changing dental treatment he needed seemed out of reach.

How DDS Helped

This all changed when Dr. Kasia Dionne, a DDS volunteer since 2018, came to Randall’s aid. With the generous contributions from a volunteer laboratory, Dr. Dionne provided Randall with full upper and lower dentures. Dr. Dionne also determined that Randall would need a tongue biopsy, which was provided by a volunteer oral surgeon. Through these volunteers, Randall received nearly $4,500 in donated treatment, restoring the veteran’s dental health, enabling him to maintain a healthy diet and smile with confidence.

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