Volunteer Recognition: Dr. Rohinton Patel

We are pleased to recognize the incredible contributions of Dr. Rohinton Patel. He  began volunteering with DLN Hawaii in 2008 and in that time has worked with 42 DLN patients and donated more than $350,000 in donated treatment. He also has served in various capacities on the DLN HI Board and is currently acting as the DLN HI Board President.

Dr. Patel was able to work with Delta Dental Laboratories to help restore the dental health and smile of an elderly woman named Judith.

Judith is a widow dealing with several health challenges including asthma, hypertension and mental health issues. After caring for her ailing husband for 12 years, she moved to the mainland to become the caregiver to her parents for another 10 years. Now living in Honolulu and relying totally on Social Security, Judith is unable to afford treatment for severe and painful dental disease.

Fortunately, Judith applied to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and was linked with two generous volunteers that restored both her smile and dental health. Dr. Patel provided Judith with a comprehensive exam, performed extractions, and fitted her with full lower and partial upper dentures. Delta Dental Laboratories fabricated the dentures at no cost.

“I hadn’t been to a dentist for years and years, but they really made me feel comfortable. Dr. Patel was very gentle and patient. He is a really great doctor,” said Judith, DDS patient. 

The DDS program not only provides care and support for those in need, but it also provides volunteers with a renewed purpose for the profession and shows them how their work makes an impact on others.

“Judith’s level of appreciation and trust were welcoming for us all. Seeing how one can so appreciate something we dentists take for granted each day awakened us, as does each case, to why we went into this profession,” said Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel’s commitment to helping people in need is what makes the work of DLN possible. We sincerely appreciate Dr. Patel’s dedication to dentistry, DLN and helping others.

Learn more about volunteering or to learn more about DDS in your state, visit our state pages. 

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