We would like to recognize all of the wonderful laboratories and technicians that contribute to the DDS program like New Hope Dental Lab in North Carolina. For more than 4 years this generous lab has provided over $12,000 worth of fabrications to 10 DDS patients.

Melanie Williams is a dental technician at New Hope Dental Lab and has been in the industry since 1978. “We like volunteering for the DDS program because you put yourself in their shoes and there’s a lot of people out there who just don’t have the means. It’s so important for them to eat and get nourished. From getting a job to meeting people, it’s such an important thing and if we can take our talents, it would mean a lot to pay it forward,” said Williams. “As much as we can help, we’ll be there for you! Our business is growing, growing, and growing and as we speak our building is expanding another 3,000 sq. ft. for us to have a bigger lab to help more people in need.”

Volunteer labs play an important role in helping people with special needs served by the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. Currently, more than 3,315 volunteer labs donate much needed fabrications including dentures, crowns or bridges. 

DLN thanks New Hope Dental Lab for their commitment to serving people with special needs! 

New Hope Dental Lab Photo
New Hope Dental Lab Team in Charlotte, North Carolina
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