Patient Outreach Toolkit

Many people desperately need life-changing dental care, but may not know about DLN’s programs that can help. Download the promotional items below to help spread the word and connect those in need with the dental care they deserve. 


Promotional Materials: 

Would you like to include a message promoting DLN in your upcoming publications? Check out the different options in the document linked below.

Newsletter Blurb for Your State/Regional Agency Communications: 

Help for Adults That Need Dental Care

Dental Lifeline Network is seeking adults who meet their Donated Dental Services (DDS) program’s eligibility requirements, to receive dental treatment through a network of volunteer dentists. DDS patients’ treatment goes beyond a basic cleaning with the most typical care involving extractions and dentures. It’s important to note that the DDS program is not an implant program… Click here for the rest of the content.


Download the Print Ready PDF Full Page:

Patient Outreach Flyer: 8.5 X 11

Veteran Patient Outreach Flyer: 8.5 X 11

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