Special Acknowledgements 2022-2023

DLN Legacy Society

Members express their commitment to the perpetual support of DLN through the most meaningful form of charitable giving by naming DLN in their estate plans. 

  • Anonymous 
  • Burton C. and Suzanne* Borgelt
  • Dr. Terry L. Buckenheimer
  • Dr. Michael R. Dick 
  • Pete Frechette*
  • Benjamin and Debbi Goodier 
  • Dr. David R. and Margaret P. Inglehart 
  • Jennifer Koberstein 
  • Fred and Ann Leviton 
  • Dr. Stephen and Bonnie* Litton 
  • Richard J. McDonough 
  • Dr. Harry  J. Melnick* 
  • Drs. Martin Nager and Denise Shapiro 
  • George Obst
  • Richard L. Peebles
  • Gary K. Porter 
  • Dr. Charles F. Squire 
  • Steve and Sherri Weinstein 
    *In memoriam

DLN • IN Legacy Society

  • Anonymous 
  • Apricot Orthodontics, LLC
  • Dr. John and Lorraine Borkowski
  • Dr. Marybeth Brandt-Tockey
  • Daniel and Betsy Brunette
  • Dr. W. Kelley and Patricia Carr
  • Dr. Richard and Donna Cowan
  • Dr. Timothy and Christine Devitt
  • Dr. Bill and Kathryn Gilmore
  • Dr. Lawrence and Cassie Goldblatt
  • Dr. Karl W. and Margret Gossweiler
  • Dr. Charles F. Hine
  • Dr. Jay A. Hughes
  • Bill and Shirley Karg 
  • Dr. Robert Larson – Larson Orthodontics
  • Dr. R. Stephen Leman
  • Dr. R. Dale and Phyllis S. Lentz
  • Dr. Randall and Susan Long
  • Kam McQuay 
  • Robert R. and Gayle T. Meyer Fund – a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation
  • Dr. Ronald Miller
  • Dr. Brandon and Laura Parrish
  • Hud and Diane Pfeiffer
  • Dr. Gregory and Stephanie Phillips 
  • Ms. Karen Raftery
  • Dr. Edward Sammons
  • Dr. Gary A. Schinbeckler
  • Dr. Joe and Nancy Sigg
  • Dr. Kenton A. Susott
  • Dr. George and Beverly Vail
  • Dr. Kurt and Ellie Van Winkle
  • Drs. Brian and Marisa Walker
  • Dr. Lauren S. Weddell
  • Wittler Orthodontics, P.C. 
  • Dr. David H. and Anne L. Wolf


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