Dental Lifeline Network (DLN)


• DLN volunteers provide comprehensive treatment to eligible patients
• Volunteers do not provide emergency services


Applicants must lack adequate income to pay for dental care and:

• Have a permanent disability, or
• Are elderly: age 65 or older, or
• Qualify as medically fragile

Due to a lengthy wait list, applications are NOT being accepted in the following counties: Cache, Duchesne, Kane, Millard, Morgan and Washington. Applicants over 60 years old may still apply in closed counties.

If you have documentation from a physician stating that you cannot receive essential medical treatment due to your dental condition, you can apply for the program even if you county is closed.

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If you are a veteran who meets the qualifications above, please apply to the program by clicking the button below. Even if your county is closed, you may still apply.


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Brandon Leviton, DLN Coordinator
303.534.5290 (fax)

Dental Lifeline Network • Utah
1800 15th Street, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80202

All applications must be submitted through a DLN Coordinator.

Dental Lifeline Network (DLN)


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Leadership Council

  • Dr. Laurence R. Palmer
  • Dr. Curtis Bevan
  • Dr. Wayne Chisholm
  • Dr. John Christensen
  • Dr. Renn Flinders
  • Dr. Greg  Pitts 
  • Dr. Matthew Webb
  • Dr. Gary Wiest

Ali (right), age 63, is a U.S. Air Force veteran with a non-service related disability. He suffered from dental issues and his 20-year-old partial denture was broken. Phillip Harwood, DDS, donated extensive treatment, including full upper and partial lower dentures. (CO)