Will You See One FAQ’s

What’s Stopping You from JOINING THE NETWORK?

I’m too busy . . .

  • It’s easy to get started. Fill out the online form expressing your interest in volunteering, and we will contact you with your first, prescreened patient.
  • DLN handles the patient screening, coordination and paperwork so you can focus on providing the care.
  • DLN patients come to your office, making it easy and efficient to give back.


I already provide charity care . . .

  • Medicaid is often not enough to cover comprehensive dental care for those in need.
  • With all of the lab fabrications donated, DLN allows you to take your charity care to the next level and fill the gap.
  • Easily extend your safety-net to more vulnerable people by volunteering with DLN.


How will my other patients feel?

  • Many DLN volunteer dentists say their other patients are proud to be part of a practice where the staff is doing good work in the community.
  • Giving back to your community is a positive reflection on you, your practice and on the dental industry.
  • Helping some of most vulnerable people in your community is rewarding personally and professionally.

Will you see ONE to CHANGE a life?