More than 15,000 dentists and 3,700 laboratories nationwide volunteer for Donated Dental Services (DDS), Dental Lifeline Network’s flagship program. Last year, they provided $25.5 million in treatment to 7,456 patients.

Through DDS, volunteers and their staffs often form strong connections and memorable relationships.

“We watched Wayne in awe as he attended college courses while enduring his cancer treatments, then celebrated with him when he graduated. It has been a blessing to get to know him.”
– Dr. Aaron Birch, Colorado

“Working with Kelly was a good experience for everyone in the office. He was a ray of sunshine whenever he came in, always so grateful.”
– Dr. James Byrne, South Dakota

“Naomi is a survivor. She seemed to have a smile in her heart no matter how hard life was.”
– Dr. Wendy Holder, Alabama

“For Katherine to go from where she was to where she is today is an inspiration. We love the connections to patients’ lives. It’s very powerful.”
– David Nakanishi, lab owner, Washington

“My first appointment with Bruce was the day after his wife passed away. ‘She really wanted me to take care of myself,’ he told me.”
– Dr. Susan Snyder, Indiana