DLN President Asks Volunteers to See ONE DDS Patient This Year

Happy New Year. While the lives and livelihoods of many of our volunteer dentists and labs were terribly impacted last year, I am amazed by the number of volunteers that have selflessly resumed donating services to people with special needs. Maybe it’s their way of getting back to normal.

We are also grateful for the support from our dental industry partners and the hundreds of foundations across the country that have both continued their normal support or gone above and beyond to help the communities we serve.

So to those of you that are volunteering and accepting Donated Dental Services (DDS) cases again, thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope we can all get back to normal soon as we still have more than 11,000 people waiting for help.  Please consider seeing ONE this year!

Fred Leviton, President & CEO, Dental Lifeline Network

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