Volunteer Spotlight: Delux Dental Lab

Dental Lifeline Network’s mission to change the lives of America’s most vulnerable adults through oral health care would not be possible without the partnership of our volunteer laboratories. Currently, there are 3,253 labs nationwide that volunteer with us through our Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, and we want to thank each of them for their dedication to helping individuals in need. 

One of these dedicated labs is Delux Dental Lab in Pennsylvania. In addition to being an amazing volunteer lab, Mr. Joe Bakanowski, Delux CoFounder & COO has provided DLN leadership by serving on the DLN•PA Board for over 10 years. 

“Delux Dental Lab is always there for DLN,” said Tammy, DDS Coordinator for Pennsylvania. “Their donations are changing the lives of so many people, and their compassion and kindness are truly appreciated.”  

Delux Dental Lab completes multiple DDS cases per month, and over their 22 years as a DDS volunteer, this generous lab has donated $763,284 in lab fabrications and helped change the lives of 1,136 individuals in need.  

“Through our volunteer work with DDS, we have the opportunity to use our lab skills and experience to significantly impact the lives of individuals who cannot afford essential dental care,” said Jocelyn, a team member at Delux Dental Lab. “Participating in this program has enabled us to be part of remarkable transformations in people’s lives, which has been rewarding, both personally and professionally.” 

DLN extends its gratitude to Delux Dental Lab for their dedication to the DDS program and to serving vulnerable individuals. The tireless efforts of volunteers like them ensure that many in need receive life-changing dental care. Thank you, Delux Dental Lab, and all our volunteer labs for all you do!  

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