DLN Success Story – Patient with Epilepsy Gets Her Smile Restored!

Dr. Amanda Jozsa has been a Donated Dental Services (DDS) program volunteer for four years and has served 16 patients, donating over $65,000 in donated dental treatment. After earning her degree in dentistry at the University of Colorado Denver, she owned and worked as a dentist at two dental offices: Edgewater Modern Dentistry and Highlands Dentists – Pacific Dental Services. As a volunteer dentist for DDS, she helped change and save the lives of community members like Nicole, a 32-year-old Denver native and mother to three children. 

Diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, Nicole suffers from ongoing seizures. Her epilepsy has created additional medical challenges, including her dental health. The seizures caused Nicole to grind her teeth, resulting in chipped and cracked teeth while others had completely fallen out. Unfortunately, one tooth was located in her sinus cavity, causing her constant pain. 

Unable to work due to her health, Nicole survives on food stamps and a small Social Security Disability benefit. Living in subsidized housing, she struggles to get by and was not able to afford the dental care she desperately needed. Nicole was referred to DLN’s Colorado Donated Dental Services program where she was matched with Dr. Amanda Jozsa.

Dr. Jozsa extracted one tooth, restored 11 others, provided cleanings, and conducted three root canals. An orthodontist also contributed, providing braces to fix the spaces in her teeth, and another general dentist fitted Nicole with an upper partial denture. Additionally, Denver Dental Arts and Rocky Mountain Oral Xray stepped in to help, where one lab helped develop Nicole’s treatment plan, while the other discounted the fabrication of the upper denture. Thanks to this amazing team, the donated treatment relieved her pain, restored her dental health, and gave her a new reason to smile.

“My experience throughout my process with Donated Dental was one of care and love. Thank you so much to everyone,” said Nicole, DDS Patient.

Dr. Jozsa is an example of one of the many dentists who are passionately giving back to their community. More volunteer dentists are needed to join her in seeing one DDS patient per year in their office. Please consider telling your colleagues about why you volunteer for DLN and the DDS program to help us add new volunteers to your community. To volunteer, click here. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Learn more about volunteering or to learn about DDS in your state, visit our state pages.

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