Recognizing Benco Dental’s Continued Support

Benco Dental
Chuck Cohen, CEO of Benco and Fred Leviton, CEO of Dental Lifeline Network

DLN is proud to recognize Benco Dental for donating $50,000 through an Every Smile Counts sponsorship (a fundraising event where the dental community rallies together to raise money benefiting our organization) and a company fundraiser involving their dentist customers.

These funds will provide critical dental care for those who are elderly, with disabilities and have limited incomes, which ties perfectly with their values of giving back to the communities and families they serve. Partnering with DLN will reinforce efforts to give one of our most vulnerable communities access to the dental care they need –people like Susan. She suffers from several challenging health problems including degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and chronic pain. In addition, her dental health had deteriorated—only nine teeth remained and some were decayed. Fortunately, Susan was referred to Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and she was linked with several generous volunteers, including Benco customer and DDS volunteer Dr. Arnold Pfannenstiel. He extracted teeth, donated root canal treatments and crowns, an implant-supported upper partial denture, and a full lower denture.

Benco Dental was the lead supporter of Every Smile Counts and one of our top corporate supporters in 2019! Without the assistance of this company, DLN wouldn’t be able to help over 15,000 people last fiscal year.

“Volunteering as a dentist with DDS is very rewarding. Giving back to the community, helping people who otherwise would neglect their dental care—puts a smile on your face as well as the patient’s face! ”  said Dr. Arnold Pfannenstiel, DLN • PA DDS Volunteer.


Thank you Benco Dental!


Benco Dental is a premier full-service dental distributor that offers a variety of supplied and equipment as well as providing dental practices with marketing, support, consulting and financial services. They have been family-owned for 80 years as they grew from a single storefront in Pennsylvania into the nation’s fastest-growing dental distributor.

Benco Family Foundation has assisted people worldwide through toothbrush donations and financially supporting over 100 charities who strive to impact lives long-term. They are dedicated to improving the dental health and quality of life in their local communities and around the world.

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