Volunteer Spotlight: South Carolina’s Dr. Moss Helps DDS Change and Save Lives

Dr. David Moss is no stranger to going above and beyond to get involved in the dental community. He is involved with numerous local and statewide leadership programs, volunteers to provide free dental care at a local clinic, and has even gone to Central America to provide services to those in need there.

Dr. Moss started volunteering with Donated Dental Services (DDS) 7 years ago. He has also served on the Dental Lifeline Network • South Carolina Leadership Council since its creation 4 years ago. In the 7 years that he has been with DDS, Dr. Moss has served 10 people in need and donated thousands of dollars in dental care. His most recent DDS patient was Amanda.

Amanda is a cancer survivor whose dental health had significantly deteriorated as a result of her treatments. Her limited income prevented her from getting the help she desperately needed. Fortunately, Amanda was referred to the South Carolina DDS program, where she was matched with Dr. Moss.

Dr. Moss restored four of her teeth, and she was then referred to Oral Surgeon Dr. Thomas A. McDonald, another member of our DLN • South Carolina Leadership Council, who extracted 12 of her teeth. Glidewell Laboratories donated a full upper denture and partial lower denture at no cost.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity afforded to me during this time and to have met such wonderful people. Thank you for my smile!” Amanda said about her experience with Dr. Moss.

Dr. Moss volunteers with DDS because he appreciates how easy the program is to navigate, and how grateful the patients he sees are.

“I am yet to have seen a DDS patient that was not a pleasure to treat,” he said. “They have all been truly thankful.”

We are incredibly grateful for Dr. Moss and his dedication to giving back to his community. DDS is always in need of more dentists to join Dr. Moss in seeing one DDS patient per year in their own office.

Will you see one patient this year? Visit willyouseeone.org to sign up online or contact South Carolina DDS Coordinator Vivian Lovingood at 803-726-4522 or vlovingood@DentalLifeline.org.

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