DLN Launches #WhyIDonateDDS Campaign

In these challenging times, everyone is adapting to unprecedented changes, and reevaluating their processes and their day-to-day lives. DLN wants to take some time to thank its volunteers for the difference they make in their communities on a daily basis, and remind them how important the work they do is.

DLN is excited to announce its new campaign, #WhyIDonateDDS! The campaign is a social media endeavor designed to recognize our generous volunteers and the impact on the communities they serve. DLN is asking volunteers to:

  1. Take a photo of themselves and/or with their staff holding a blank sheet of paper
  2. Or take a video and simply answer the four questions below (no blank sheet of paper needed)
  3. Send an email to mfisher@dentallifeline.org, and briefly answer these questions:
    • Why do you volunteer for DLN?
    • Why is giving back to your community important to you?
    • What has been your favorite part about volunteering with DLN?
    • Do we have your permission to use your name and photo/video/quotes on our social media pages?
  4. Or simply share on your social media pages why you choose to donate DDS using the hashtag #WhyIDonateDDS

The answers will be used to digitally place a #WhyIDonateDDS message on the blank sheet of paper (see above image), or the video will be shared with our network (see below).

DLN hopes that by taking the time to reflect on their experience, volunteers will be reminded of the impact their generosity has, and will give them some well-deserved peace of mind that the work they do is changing and saving the lives of more people each day.

All volunteers are encouraged to participate, and to reach out to Morgan at mfisher@dentallifeline.org with any questions.

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