Q&A with Dr. Michael Eggnatz

Dr. Michael Eggnatz has been a volunteer for Dental Lifeline Network Florida’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program since 1997. He not only volunteers with the program, but also serves as the DLN • FL treasurer/secretary. Dr. Eggnatz received the FDA Leadership Award in June and the FDA president-elect exudes what...
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Behind the Scenes: Meet Nancy Freimuth, Grant Writer

Without grant writers like Nancy, Dental Lifeline Network’s programs would not have nearly as much financial support and could not serve nearly as many people. Not only does DLN help thousands of individuals through its flagship program Donated Dental Services (DDS), the organization also assists underserved populations through Dental HouseCalls,...
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DLN Brian D. Stone Award Recipients 2017

Dental Lifeline Network partners with dental schools across the United States through the Brian D. Stone Memorial Award. The award recognizes exceptional dental school graduates who have committed to volunteerism and public service, especially for individuals with special needs. Drs. Joy and Justin Stone of New Jersey established the program,...
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DLN Success Story — Illinois Patient’s Smile Restored

Lovenia worked for several decades as a housekeeper before recently retiring at 72. Now 74, Lovenia lives alone at her home in Illinois. Unfortunately, she experiences multiple health issues including arthritis, an enlarged thyroid and heart, nerve damage, and a cyst on her kidney. In addition to her poor physical health,...
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DLN Success Story — Full Smile Donated to New Hampshire Man

Philip, from New Hampshire, used to work for a recreational vehicle store detailing vehicles, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. He also worked alongside the mechanics, assisting them when necessary. In 2007, a car struck Philip while he was out walking. The tragic accident left him in a coma for over a year and when...
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