In Memory of Peter Frechette

Dental Lifeline Network is grateful for Peter Frechette, former CEO of Patterson Companies, and a longtime supporter of the DLN programs that give so many people their smiles back. DLN expresses greatest sympathy on behalf of the people whose lives have been touched, and will continue to be helped because...
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Fab Lab — Shikosha Inc. in Oregon

Dental Lifeline Network • Oregon would like to recognize Shikosha inc. for their dedication to Donated Dental Services (DDS) patients in Oregon. Shikosha has been volunteering for DDS since 1990, providing more than $19,499 in fabrications for 37 patients through the program. “At Shikosha, we believe that “Smiles are what we live...
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DLN • Kansas Honors Outstanding Volunteers

Dental Lifeline Network ● Kansas honored five outstanding volunteers in its Donated Dental Services (DDS) program in April. The recipients were commended for their spirit of compassion, caring and their dedication to the DDS program. The volunteers, including both dentists and dental labs, were presented with the award by DLN • KS...
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Fab Lab — Dental Arts, Inc. in Iowa

Dental Lifeline Network would like to recognize Dental Arts, Inc. for their dedication to Donated Dental Services (DDS) patients in Iowa. Dental Arts celebrated 50 years of business in 2016 and has been volunteering for DDS since 2005, providing fabrications for 30 patients through the program. “I’m happy that I’m able...
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Sjögren’s Syndrome & Oral Health

What is Sjögrens? Sjögren’s syndrome, is an autoimmune disease that compromises the function of salivary and other moisture-producing glands. How it effects oral health One effect is varying degrees of “dry mouth,” or xerostomia.   That can lead to bacterial dental infections (decay and periodontal disease), oral candidiasis (a yeast infection...
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