DLN Success Story – Developmentally Disabled Patient Gets a New Smile!

Frank, 62, lives in northeastern CO with his partner and caregiver Linda. He has had an intellectual disability since birth. Frank and Linda both participate in Special Olympics, enjoy bowling and participate in other team sports.

While he is generally in good overall health, Frank’s oral health needed some attention. He had many broken and decayed teeth that affected his ability to eat a regular diet and caused him pain. He sought help for his dental conditions, but sadly, he was unable to afford the recommended treatment plan. Frank and Linda survive on a Social Security Disability benefit and a small income from working at a pizza place but struggle to make ends meet.

How DDS Helped

Fortunately, Frank was referred to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program by Eastern Colorado Service for the Developmentally Disabled and he was linked with two generous volunteers.

  • Dr. James I. Armbruster performed an exam, 22 extractions and donated full upper and lower dentures.
  • Master Craft Dental Lab fabricated full upper and lower dentures at no cost.

“I am very excited for my new teeth and cannot wait to eat healthier and have pizza and salads!”
—Frank, DDS Patient

Learn more about volunteering or to learn about DDS in your state, visit our state pages.


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