Lifeline in Action – Louisiana Veteran Receives Essential Dental Care

Dr. Frank Martello and Lionel 

Dr. Frank Martello believes that there is always more to learn about dentistry. His dedication to continuing education allows him to keep up-to-date on the best ways to help the people he serves. One way he continues his education is by serving as a volunteer for Louisiana’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. Through DDS, Dr. Martello donates his time and talents to people in need, like Lionel.

Lionel, 68, is an elderly widower and Air Force veteran in New Orleans. Unfortunately, he has multiple health conditions, such as peripheral artery and chronic kidney disease, and numerous others. He needed immediate help to address his dental health, which had deteriorated significantly because of his other conditions, but couldn’t afford the treatment. Fortunately, Lionel was referred to the DDS program, where he was matched with Dr. Martello.

During his initial exam, Dr. Martello found that Lionel had some teeth broken at the gum line, and others that were abscessed. He extracted Lionel’s broken teeth, and fitted him for dentures, which were generously donated by Selser Dental Lab. Lionel was very grateful for the help.

“I love working with Dr. M and his staff. They are such good hearted people. They were wonderful from beginning to end. I appreciate your organization [DLN] and all it has done for me. Thank you so much.” —Lionel, DDS patient

Dr. Martello’s commitment to helping people like Lionel is what makes the work of DLN possible. He is the Past President of our Dental Lifeline Network • Louisiana Board, and continues to support us through DDS. We sincerely appreciate Dr. Martello’s dedication to advancing in his field and helping people like Lionel.

“When our team completed Lionel’s treatment, he told us how wonderful he felt, and how happy his family was to see him smiling again, after so many years of suffering. Thanks to all the DLN staff who make it possible for us to provide care to those in need in Louisiana.” —Dr. Frank Martello, DDS volunteer

Learn more about volunteering or to learn about DDS in your state, visit our state pages.

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