Why I Dental Toolkit

We’re thrilled to introduce the ‘WHY I Dental’ initiative, inspiring dentists to embrace their purpose and make a positive impact collectively through DLN.

Use these files to help recruit dental volunteers through your networks.



View and share our Why I Dental Video: Watch the Video



Download the Print Ready PDF Full Page: 8.5 X 11

Download the Print Ready PDF Half Page: 8.5 X 5.5  

Digital/Social Media:

Digital Volunteer Recruitment Brochure: Download Here 

Digital Lab Recruitment Brochure: Download Here

Digital DSO Recruitment Brochure: Download Here

New Campaign Preview Image: 245 X 215


“Join the ‘WHY I Dental’ movement with Dental Lifeline Network! Embrace your purpose, make a difference, and be part of a community dedicated to changing lives through compassionate dental care. Become a volunteer and let your ‘Why’ shine through!”

“Unlock the power of your passion for dentistry! Join the ‘WHY I Dental’ campaign with Dental Lifeline Network and be a catalyst for positive change. Every smile you restore, every life you touch – it all begins with you. Become a volunteer and make a lasting impact today!”


Live Your Why


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