Thank You to Our Sponsors for Supporting Lifeline Heroes Challenge

As the 2022 Lifeline Heroes Challenge for Veterans nears its end, Dental Lifeline Network wants to thank the many supporters who have contributed to our goal of helping over 1,200 veterans. Thanks to these supporters we can help more military veterans get the dental care they so desperately need.

You may not realize how difficult it can be for the veteran population to maintain their oral health without added support. Veteran Affairs provides dental care to roughly 3 percent of veterans, leaving millions without access to dental coverage.

DLN aims to bridge that gap of coverage. Funding from the DLN Lifeline Heroes Challenge for Veterans goes toward matching veterans with volunteer dentists who have agreed to donate their services. Supporting our Lifeline Heroes Challenge can change – and even save – the lives of our nation’s heroes.

View our other dental heroes and find out how you can also become a dental superhero on the Lifeline Heroes Challenge website.

View a list of all participating Delta Dentals

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