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DLN – Success Story: Woman Receives Life Changing Dental Care in Indiana

Susan, 73, is a vibrant woman who lives in Allen County and is active in her community. She was a licensed practicing nurse (LPN) for more than three decades, primarily working with the geriatric population in nursing homes. Years of maneuvering patients left her with multiple orthopedic injuries that required...
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DLN Success Story – Woman with Disability Receives a New Smile in Vermont

Sarah, 44, lives alone in Chittenden County and suffers from degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis of the spine, which has caused her severe back pain and left her with a disability. Formerly a fast food restaurant manager, she wasn’t able to continue working due to her disability. In addition to...
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DLN Success Story – DDS Helps Oregon Resident With Much Needed Dental Care

Phillip, 65, lives alone outside of Portland. He suffers from several health challenges including rheumatoid arthritis, COPD, diverticulitis, and mental health issues. In addition, his dental health had deteriorated and he was missing several teeth and those remaining were loose, broken, and often infected. His lower partial denture was broken...
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DLN Success Story – DDS Helps Washington Resident With Much Needed Dental Care

Kimberly, 46, lives with her father and stepmother, who is her full time caregiver, in King County. She suffers from several mental and physical health challenges including impaired cognition and short-term memory loss. In addition to her health challenges, Kimberly’s dental health had deteriorated and she had several decayed and...
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DLN Success Story – DDS Volunteers Help Georgia Woman Smile and Eat Again

Bertha, 72, lives alone in Glynn County. She suffers from crippling rheumatoid arthritis, and her hands are most affected. Although she loves taking walks with her dog, her health has made it much more difficult. Because of the pain in her hands, Bertha’s appetite had decreased and she was losing...
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DLN Success Story – DDS Helps New Jersey Grandmother With Much Needed Dental Care

Ingrid, 57, lives in Union county near her daughter and two grandchildren. She has experienced many challenges in her life. Formerly a domestic violence victim she has worked hard to rebuild her life. Ingrid is now involved with a community ministry and volunteers to help others with similar issues. Unfortunately,...
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